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Our outsourced advisory service allows you to expand your capabilities beyond traditional accounting and taxation work, offering additional specialist services to your valued clients.

Expert consultancy and outsourcing for accountants

Our Go2Advisory service makes it easier for accountants to offer top-notch advice to their clients, helping them make sense of confusing tax laws and find ways to be more profitable. Think of us as your supportive partner, helping you improve your relationships with clients and strengthen your own team’s skills. Our tailored strategies are designed not just to advise but to protect and grow your clients’ wealth.

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…focus on growth, secure in the knowledge that behind you stands a supportive network as invested in your clients’ success as you are.

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Providing the services your clients truly need

We understand that you have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that your clients value and trust, but you may not have the time or resources to offer the comprehensive advisory services that they truly need. That’s where WR Partners are primed to help. With our Go2Advisory service, you can partner with us to provide your clients with valuable insights and strategies for their businesses. Our team of experienced financial and strategic business advisors will work closely with you and your clients to understand their unique needs and challenges. We can then assist you in developing customised solutions and recommendations that align with their goals and objectives and execute those plans with precision.

Advice on tap with Go2Advisory

When you work with WR Partners, you’re getting more than help; you’re getting committed allies who know the industry inside and out and are ready to help your business thrive. By choosing us, you’re not just gaining access to in-depth, actionable guidance; you’re establishing a collaborative relationship built on experience, modernity, and strategic innovation. Our bespoke solutions are designed to protect and enhance the wealth of those you advise, making every consultation a step towards prosperity. With WR Partners as your silent partner, you can focus on growth, secure in the knowledge that behind you stands a supportive network as invested in your clients’ success as you are.

Go2 Advisory Case Studies

Employee Incentives

We were approached by an accountant to assist with their client’s issue of shares to a key employee. The accountant wished to undertake the work themselves, with us acting on a review only basis and reporting directly to the accountant.

A trading company wanted to issue new shares to a key employee in order to incentivise and retain them. The shareholding amounted to 5% of the company’s share capital and was in a separate B class of share.

Our engagement with the accountant was to (1) review the share valuation they had performed for the company and the shares being issued, and (2) review the tax advice note they had produced in connection with the share issue.

The accountant was able to have their work reviewed by a tax adviser experienced in employee incentives, whilst maintaining a direct relationship with the client.

Relief for Group Property Transactions

An accountant in London who we have worked with before asked us to prepare a report covering the tax position of their client’s group property restructure. The accountant wished to submit the report themselves under their own branding, with us acting on a ‘white label’ basis.

A corporate group consisting of several overseas companies owning UK residential properties, wanted to repatriate the properties to UK resident companies. A commonly owned UK holding company was formed with group companies underneath, with the properties transferred intra-group to the new UK companies.

We were engaged by the accountant to produce a report covering the availability of chargeable gains group relief and stamp duty land tax group relief on the transfer of the properties.

The accountant had a comprehensive report produced which they were able to add their own branding to and provide to the client as their own.

Stamp Duty Land Tax

A solicitor who we work with regularly referred their client to us for advice on the stamp duty land tax position of their client’s property purchase. The client’s accountant was not able to advise on SDLT and therefore our stamp duty expert provided the advice.

The purchase consisted of a large detached house with 20 acres of land. In addition, there was a cottage in the grounds of the house and a separate barn conversion holiday let. To complicate matters the client was purchasing the house and cottage in their personal name but the land and holiday let in their company.

Our review of the purchase included an assessment of the cottage and barn conversion to ensure they qualified as separate dwellings. We then assessed the land to see whether it was in use for a private or agricultural purpose. Finally, we calculated the SDLT to include a multiple dwellings relief claim on the three residential properties, non-residential rates on the land, and linked transactions for the individual and company purchasers.

The client and their solicitor received advice on how to structure the purchases in the most tax efficient manner, with a reduction in stamp duty of £45,000 from the initial starting position.

Company Sale

We were asked by a local accountant to provide advice to their client who was in the process of selling both a subsidiary and assets. The accountant was happy for us to engage direct with, and provide advice to, their client, whilst keeping them in the loop on progress.

The company conducted its own trade and also owned a trading subsidiary. The company was selling intellectual property to one buyer and selling the trading subsidiary to another.

In respect of the trading subsidiary, we assisted with due diligence enquiries from the buyer’s advisor, and then reviewed and advised on the sale purchase agreement, specifically on the general and tax warranties & indemnities. We also advised on the availability of substantial shareholding exemption to obtain a tax-free sale.

For the sale of intellectual property, we reviewed the asset purchase agreement and advised on the tax treatment of the intangible fixed asset sale, being a pre-2002 capital asset which we could offset against brought forward capital losses.

The client successfully sold both their subsidiary and their intangible assets, and paid zero tax. The subsidiary qualified for exemption and the asset gain was sheltered with losses.


What does an accountant do?

An accountant is a financial professional who specialises in managing and analysing financial information for individuals, businesses, and organisations. They are responsible for ensuring that financial records are accurate, taxes are paid on time, and financial decisions are made based on sound data.

In addition to managing financial data, the accountants at WR Partners offer a range of services, including tax preparation, budget planning, and financial consulting. We provide vital support to businesses of all sizes in making sense of their finances.

What types of accountancy do you offer?

WR Partners employs some of the most talented and experienced accountants and financial advisors, with accountancy experience across a range of disciplines, including:

    1. Management Accountants: Also known as cost or private accountants, we help individual organisations handle their internal financial data. We also help businesses make informed decisions by analysing and interpreting financial information.
    2. Forensic Accountants: Our accountants use their financial expertise to investigate and analyse financial data in cases of fraud or other legal disputes, and can even act as expert witnesses.
    3. Tax Accountants: As the name suggests, our tax accountants specialise in preparing taxes for individuals and businesses. They stay updated on tax laws and help our clients minimise their tax liabilities while ensuring compliance with regulations.
    4. Financial Analysts: Our skilled professionals analyse financial data to help businesses and individuals make investment decisions. They also provide insights on market trends, economic conditions, and potential risks or opportunities.
    5. Small Business Accountant: These accountants specialise in working with small businesses, providing services such as tax preparation, bookkeeping, financial planning, and budgeting. They often act as a trusted advisor to help small business owners make informed financial decisions.
    6. Non-Profit Accountant: Our non-profit accountants work for non-profit organisations such as charities, NGOs, and religious institutions. They handle accounting and financial management while also ensuring compliance with tax laws related to non-profits.
    7. Financial Auditors: Our financial auditors review the fiscal records of organisations to ensure accuracy and compliance with laws and regulations. They also provide recommendations for improvement in financial processes and controls.
    8. Personal Financial Advisor: Our personal financial advisors work with individuals to help them manage their personal finances. They guide budgeting, investments, retirement planning, and other financial matters.

    Business Valuation Analyst: Our professionals can determine the value of a business for purposes such as mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, or legal disputes. They use various methods to evaluate a company’s assets, debts, market position, and future potential.

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