Corporate Audits

Increase accountability and transparency to make more informed and strategic business decisions with timely, expertly executed corporate financial audits.

Specialist holistic corporate auditing

A corporate audit is a necessary aspect of running a successful business. It helps businesses maintain financial accuracy, identify potential risks, comply with legal regulations, and make informed decisions. When you see an audit as a chance to shine and an opportunity to strengthen your business, you’re setting your company up as a beacon of dependability and efficiency. Our team of expert corporate auditors dive into the details of your finances, ensuring operations run smoothly and compliantly, and your accounts are robust enough to take on future challenges.

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Good audits shake out the cobwebs, finding where you can tighten things up and work smarter.

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Preparing for a corporate audit

Preparing for a corporate audit is all about getting your ducks in a row, making sure everything’s spot on and ready for a closer look. Think of it as getting your financial house in order—not just to pass an inspection but to ensure your business runs better and smoother. Good audits shake out the cobwebs, finding where you can tighten things up and work smarter. This isn’t just about surviving an audit without a hitch; it’s about turning it into a chance to showcase how solid and reliable your company is – or identify the areas of opportunity so that they become a tool for business growth.

Auditing for large businesses

Our audit services cater to a diverse clientele, reflecting our appetite for the multifaceted challenges presented by various industries. Our corporate clients typically boast annual revenues ranging from £10 million to £150+ million, or are group companies and those with multisite operations. Notably, many of our clients are pioneers in cutting-edge sectors, to whom we offer specialised counsel on R&D tax credits and Patent Box claims, underscoring their innovative endeavours.

How We Can Help

We’re more than just number crunchers; we’re advisors poised to help you make smart, strategic choices to boost your business growth. Choosing to enlist the help of WR Partners for your corporate audit isn’t just about checking the right boxes – it’s about laying down a solid foundation for success and prosperity.

Our Services

  • Audits for Owner-Managed Businesses
  • Large Corporates & International Groups
  • Tax Consultancy


Do I need to financially audit my business?

If your company meets two of the following criteria for two years in a row, then the Government requires you to conduct an annual financial audit of your business:

  • More than 50 employees
  • Total assets greater than £5.1 million
  • Annual turnover greater than £10.2 million

If your business sits under those thresholds then you qualify as a small company and you’ll usually be exempt from needing an audit – unless you’re a member of a non-small group or your shareholders request one. There are of course other exemptions and circumstances where businesses in certain sectors will be obliged to provide a corporate audit – regardless of their company size.

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