WR Partners Proudly Sponsors the Powys Business Awards 2023

11 Oct 2023

Celebrating Business Excellence in Powys, Wales.

As a company deeply rooted in Wales for decades, WR Partners is thrilled to serve again as an award sponsor for the prestigious Powys Business Awards in 2023. 

The Powys Business Awards, recognised as the county’s foremost platform for celebrating business success, is organised by the Mid Wales Manufacturing Group (MWMG). This annual event, which debuted in 2009, allows companies, organisations, social enterprises, and charities across Powys County to showcase their outstanding contributions. 

We proudly sponsor the Small Business Growth Award in the heart of Wales, underscoring our deep commitment to supporting the Welsh business economy. This sponsorship was chosen as it resonates strongly with our belief in the pivotal role of small businesses in shaping Wales’s economic landscape.

Celebrating small business growth in Wales aligns seamlessly with our core values of supporting local entrepreneurship & fostering innovation. Small businesses in Wales often epitomise these values through their ability to adapt to regional markets, generate innovative solutions, and maintain a solid commitment to quality and sustainability. Our sponsorship of this award reflects our recognition of the unique challenges and opportunities that small businesses in Wales face and the importance of celebrating their achievements.

Councillor David Selby and Mid Wales Manufacturing Group manager Ceri Stephens with Phil Pugh, WR Partners and the other sponsors at the launch of this year’s Powys Business Awards.

Councillor David Selby (seated in the bottom right) is sitting next to Phil Pugh from WR Partners, with Ceri Stephens, the manager of Mid Wales Manufacturing Group, seated to his left. They are pictured alongside the remaining sponsors at the launch event for this year’s Powys Business Awards

Phil Pugh, Director at WR Partners and Judge at the Powys Business Awards, said, “This sponsorship demonstrates our belief in the power of the Welsh business community. Small business owners and their teams work hard, dealing with local and regional challenges. We want to encourage others in Wales to chase their entrepreneurial dreams by highlighting success. Being recognised locally can boost growth and innovation.”

In conclusion, WR Partners’ sponsorship of the Small Business Growth Award in Wales is a testament to our dedication to nurturing and elevating the Welsh business economy. We celebrate the unique journey and contributions of small businesses in Wales, their ability to drive regional development, their embodiment of Welsh values, and their role as beacons of innovation and sustainability. Through this sponsorship, we aim to create a ripple effect of success, where small businesses in Wales continue to thrive and positively impact the local economy and community.

For more information and updates about the Powys Business Awards 2023, please visit the official website:

Powys Business Awards Website.

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