Significant VAT refund secured for Telford business!

27 Mar 2023

An extraordinary result was achieved for a Telford-based business that had identified an issue with overpaying VAT. 

The client had underclaimed on their VAT return due to incorrectly applying the partial exemption calculation. Therefore, they initially only recovered a proportion of the VAT they were entitled to. 

They wanted to submit a voluntary disclosure to recover the under-claimed VAT; however, the process was far from simple. 

Alix’s work made a massive difference in the result of the claim. Her extensive knowledge of HMRC practices and procedures allowed her to present the figures and information in a way that was entirely acceptable to them. The total repayment to the client was more than £500,000.

HMRC rejected the initial claim as they required further detail and explanation. Alix had to collate figures, produce an audit trail, and undertake a partial exemption calculation for each quarter (over four years) to demonstrate the correct input tax amount to HMRC. The second attempt at the claim was a success!

Despite the claim’s success, HMRC still pressed for penalty action due to the original inaccurate declaration. Alix successfully argued that penalty action was not appropriate in this case, and they accepted her argument and no penalty was charged.

Alix is passionate about every aspect of value-added tax. She loves a challenge, and after spending most of her career working for HMRC on the “other side,” Alix has an invaluable understanding of how HMRC processes and systems work. 

Alix explains,

“This is the largest VAT refund I have helped to secure on a client’s behalf. The work was complicated and challenging, but the reward far outweighs any of the difficulties I faced during my time working on the claim. I know the money refunded is going to make a massive difference to the organisation and I feel incredibly gratified with the result”

The organisation’s Financial Controller commented that “Alix’s work on our behalf was exceptional. She was clear and concise in her communications, and the whole process was extremely efficient. I believe her HMRC experience was invaluable in the success of our claim, and we are delighted with the repayment”. 


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