Conquering the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge: A Triumph of Team Spirit

18 Sep 2023

On the 16th September 2023, we conquered the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge! Despite the heavy clouds, our Team pushed through and completed it within the 12-hour time limit.   

What is the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge?  

The Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge is an exhilarating test of endurance and determination that beckons adventure seekers worldwide. This formidable challenge involves conquering three of Yorkshire’s highest peaks: Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside, and Ingleborough, all within a single day. Covering approximately 24 miles, this demanding trek involves ascending and descending over 5,000 feet of rugged terrain.  

All for a Good Cause 

Undertaking the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge was not merely an adventurous feat but a deeply meaningful journey for the WR Partners Team. We embarked on this challenge in loving memory of David Jones, a cherished colleague and friend who left us far too soon. David’s enduring spirit and zest for life continue to inspire us, and we saw this challenge as an opportunity to honour his memory. We believed that by pushing our boundaries, we could reflect David’s relentless pursuit of excellence, unwavering positivity, and commitment to making every moment count.  

A Team Effort  

Our Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge Team was a remarkable blend of individuals from diverse backgrounds and roles within WR Partners, all united by a common purpose—to pay tribute to David’s memory and contribute to a cause he held dear. From seasoned hikers to those taking their first steps into the world of trekking, our Team embodied the spirit of camaraderie and determination that David exemplified. With each ascent and descent of those iconic peaks, we carried David’s memory in our hearts and shared stories of his impact on our lives. 

The 3 Peaks Challenge Team

Annie Bolton, Andrew Rawlings, Adam Lynch MAAT, Bethany Thomas, Claire Smith, Jack Cole, Jim Hockenhull, Leanne Curtin ACMA, CGMA, Lee Davies, Louise Whiston, Marloe Nudds, Oliver Craddock, Paul Monaghan, Roy Jackson, Sarah Davies, Simon Baker, Tim Taylor. 

How Much Money Was Raised? 

Our Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge wasn’t just about conquering mountains but about conquering challenges that matter. We are delighted to announce that our Team’s incredible efforts raised £4,190 of our £4,000 target for Brain Research UK, a cause close to our hearts. Every pound and penny raised will make a meaningful difference, underscoring our commitment to giving back to the community that has supported us. The donation link is still open until the end of September if you want to donate.  

Donation link:  

In conclusion, the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge was more than a physical feat; it was a testament to our Team’s resilience, determination, and dedication to making a positive impact. As we celebrate our triumph over the peaks, we are also celebrating the enduring spirit of WR Partners that continues to drive us forward, whether in business or in conquering mountains.

Thank you for being so supportive and stay tuned for more adventures and accomplishments from our Team!

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